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Esperamos que estas videos del Rhodesian Ridgeback (a.k.a. Ridgeback de Rodesia, Perro africano del León, Hound Africano Del León, Perro Crestado de Rodesia) hayan sido divertidos. Puedes mirar también a las fotos o puedes leer sobre la raza del Rhodesian Ridgeback (informacion).

Mi perro es muy feo y orejon, pero es muy jugueton.
Trailer for incredible 90 min. documentary about Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders, rescuers, and their dogs. Like Best-In-Show but real! see:
Artus macht paar Uebungen
Rhodesian Ridgeback on agility traning
rhodesian ridgeback puppies 2 weeks old
Rhodesian Ridgeback Heide- Spaziergang
No baby gate can hold Brandy back!
5 week old ridgeback pups with mam and dad
Barney Rhodesian Ridgeback 15 weeks
A Ridgeback on a freestyle course.
Indiana winters = Rory wearing muttluks
Maya Rhodesian Ridgeback Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross Breed. 7 Weeks to 8 Months Old.
Summer Camp Svojanov -- ridgeback fest :o) Absolut winner coursing&agility 2007 is Kevin -- CH. Ekevu od Kremence --
Video of a Rhodesian Ridge back male dog, including photos since it was a puppy,, Really cute ones!
This is my (ridgeless) rhodesian ridgeback pup when she was about 3 months
my little puppy at nine weeks old called jez adorable little rhodesian ridgeback she got taken away from me and now i miss her and so made this tribute
rhodesian ridgeback puppy in my house
Zeke (Ezekiel) The Rhodesian Ridgeback (African Lion Hunter) in Algonquin Park, Ontario Canada Part 2. These photos were taken in 2005-2006. Could he be the best looking rhodesian ridgeback on the planet?
8 týdenní rodgeback chrání kočku před psem
Orazio e Teo che giocano sul lettone...
Maya doing some basic training aged 7 months.
Gamba and Dutch all grown up pulling princess Chloe
Balu e Lora correm no jardim.
Rhodesian Ridgeback, Tyra, learning how to skate.
Character test of Rhodesian Ridgeback Breed -- male Ch.Ekevu od Kremence -- Kevin. Tested in 07-2007.
Here is a short advert i made last year for a university project. The star of the show is my Rhodesian Ridgeback - Tamzin. She had a lot of fun and a lot of treats during the shoot and i have recieved good feedback from all who have watched it so i thought i would share it online. Enjoy.
dve maly hovadka si hrajou :-)
Rhodesian Ridgeback Diesel at his family reunion in 2007
River, the big brown Rhodesian Ridgeback going nuts about his daily walk
Tyra gets the sack in our garden
rhodesian ridgback pup snoring
Most Rhodesian Ridgebacks don't like to swim. But Ruger, a one year old Coby x Whisper son from CopperRidge in Arizona, will go anywhere his mom goes. He lives in Colorado with the French family, who have taken him hiking, canoeing and swimming since he was a wee boy!
Borah's puppies now are 18 days old. They walk a little, start to play, cry and even growl a little! Borah's puppies zijn nu 18 dagen oud. Ze lopen al een beetje, beginnen te spelen, janken en zelfs al grommen!
Barney Rhodesian Ridgeback at 11 weeks
Facundo, Rudo, Happy, y Yupie en su casa de Los Altos de Sucre, Venezuela.
My dog Duscha is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. She has tons of energy which often results in crazy behaviour. Check out for more information.
Puppies van Binti en Themba
Gamba and Dutch on Southport beach uk
This is Barney my Rhodesian Ridgeback pup at 11 weeks old.
Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies June 11 2007
Tyra is learning how to reverse.
My 9wk old rr Bodhi playing around at home
Barney Rhodesian Ridgeback at 12 weeks
Starring: Cooper and Ace
Rhodesian Ridgeback pup fel roze
Ralph is fast asleep. A very deep slumber that he cannot be roused from.
Barney Ridgeback at 12 weeks
At least this time Bruno attempts to do a trick. For food though...Oh ya, the watermark is an accident. I made this video, but the editing software will not let me get rid of it.
Rhodesian ridgeback pups
Borah's pups zijn nu ruim 3 wk. oud. Ze eten al pap, geweekte brokjes en tartaar! Dat gaat nog niet altijd goed.
Drilo, Rhodesian Ridgeback en Lagartos
Borah's puppies are almost 2 weeks old here. They drink almost all day and all night. Borah's puppies zijn hier bijna 2 weken oud. Ze drinken nog bijna de hele dag en nacht door.
Puppies van Binti en Themba
Tyra is trying to find a pigear.
This is my lazy Rhodesian Ridgeback doing tricks. Not much of a show. Oh ya, the watermark is an accident. I made this video, but the editing software will not let me get rid of it.
Rhodesian Ridgeback pup licht paars
Here are some of her tricks set to music. The "silent film" look is intentional.
Here is Nero aged 8 weeks enjoying his first experience with a pigs ear.
Rhodesian Ridgeback pup Rood
A morning stroll with Ares the Rhodesian Ridgeback
Hier zijn ze dan onze pups (eerste beelden)

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