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Esperamos que estas videos del Perro de Agua Español (a.k.a. Spanish Water Dog, Perro turco, turco de andaluz, turco andaluz, chien d´eau espagnol) hayan sido divertidos. Puedes mirar también a las fotos o puedes leer sobre la raza del Perro de Agua Español (informacion).

Using scissors as a last resort to cord the impossibly soft and matted pet coat.
A discussion of coat types, coat ages, and other practical matters regarding cording this single-coated breed.
ahi un foto montaje de algunas fotos hechas a sid y asón... La musica del fotomontaje es una canción mía.
This is the second leg towards an AHBA Junior Herding Dog title, earned by SWD Beloved Pretty In Pink de Ariosa and her breeder/owner/handler Lisa Harper.
Starting a show coat (cords) out of the felting stage.
My Spanish water dog loves this song as you can hear :-)
Playing fetch in the water.
asón en el rio cobrando la pelota del agua
Mis 2 perros haciendo jugando a cobro con mi primo kenzo.
Ejercicio de cobro de Sid en el agua bajo al atenta mirada de Asón q espera su turno
A homemovie about a part of the life of our spanish waterdog. How small she was and how she can play with our daughter Sharona.
Nuestros primeros cachorros de Perro de Agua Español (Spanish Water Dog) bajo el Afijo de Elíndalo.
Tiggi learns to wait
My spanish waterdog is drying himself after a swim
Trufa was my favourite spanish water dog. Kennel de Benamaina. Since 1994
Lytta's Alteza, Ice braking Spanish water dog
Perro de Agua Español
Spanish Water Dog Litter Perro de Agua Español
Spanish Water Dog "Diego" learning the art of sheep herding. Herding Camp 2007.
Un bonito documento. Candela trae al mundo sus primeros cachorros de Perro de Agua Español. Esto es lo que nosotros entendemos por cría familiar.
Spanish Water Dogs Lola and Diego try herding for the first time outside of the round pen. It's a bit of a wild ride for me!
litter X-X born on 27/02/2007.
How to shave a spanish waterdog, who looks and feels like a sheep. The same way as a sheep. Watch and enjoy how we shave a Spanish Waterdog.
Macha, our Spanish Waterdog, likes to play. Especially with water and kids like the movie shows. Watch and enjoy.
Dusty (8 months) and Edie come to visit. This is the first time I've seen them since Dusty was 8 weeks old, fresh off the plane from Finland. What a wonderful charaacter Dusty is! Kind, gentle, inquisitive, trusting, engaging. And a very nice specimen to boot!
Lupo abre la puerta del jardín. Perro de Agua Español. Spanish Water Dog. Elindalo.
My spanish water dog doesn't make the drying of the floor very easy ;)
8-year old Spanish Water Dog "Oso" (Euro de la Petaca) experiences sheep for the first time!
Perro de Agua Español propiedad de la Familia Aguilar-Menárguez (Elíndalo). Esquilada del 2007.
Ejemplar de Perro de Agua Español exportado a Dubai. Propiedad de la Familia Le Quesne.
5-year old Spanish Water Dog "Nita" (Nuestra-Espinita de Benamaina) working sheep for the first time
Spanish waterdog Nekku (Berta del Bolanio) goes crazy with water.
Willamette Valley Herding Club at Brigand's Hide Out, Battle Ground, WA. Judge: Elsie Rhodes. April 2007.
Pups from Brasenia C Litter. Images from Jan 30 and Feb 1, 2007. Litter whelped Jan 9.
Brasenia puppies Jan 13+15
Whidbey and Brownie Beluga get acquainted
Homenaje a Garbancito. Campeón de Agility. Inolvidable perro de Aguas.
Perro de Agua Español con 2 meses de edad procedente del Afijo de Elíndalo. Propiedad de Angeles y Ernesto (Madrid).
Litter Z-Z. born on 01/03/2007. De Benamaina swd kennel
Agility lesson: learning rear crosses in Finland. Running partner: Herman's Cenicienta.
Video clips of the pups on day 10
Pups from the Brasenia SWD C Litter on Jan 26. Litter whelped Jan 9
Sire of 2007 Avefaro de Ariosa litter
Stressing routine from day 3-16
Brasenia C Litter pups on Valentine's Day
Violetta takes on the stuffed elephant
1st Place and Q finish
playfighting over a ball
Litter Y-Y. Born on 28/02/2007. De Benamaina swd kennel
my friends' dog, "Spanish water dog" series, they said~
Video of the Brasenia C Litter Feb. 7&9
Espoossa koiran uimista
Spanish Water Dog Perro de Agua Español
more snow...
A Spanish Water Dog searching for eye glasses
Leonidis in a fierce battle
onze spaanse waterhond lucca lekker aan het spelen in de duinen.
"Vastavalmistunut" sienikoira Easy harjoittelee kantarelli-etsintää. Videossa on 3 harjoitusta helposta vaikeaan. Tarkemmin hajuerottelu- ja sienikoirakurssista osoitteessa Spanish Waterdog, Spanischer Wasserhund.
jajaja, mi perrito diciendo AGUA Se supone... My Dog saying Water in Spanish
Chauncy the little gray dog trying to get his groove on with Soleil, another male dog.

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