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Esperamos que estas videos del Wolfhound Irlandés (a.k.a. Irish Wolfhound, Lobero Irlandés, Perro Lobo Irlandés, Lebrel Irlandés) hayan sido divertidos. Puedes mirar también a las fotos o puedes leer sobre la raza del Wolfhound Irlandés (informacion). A graphic video of an Irish Wolfhound mauling a child. Warning: extreme violence may not be suitable for children
Taiba and Czarna on their first visit
This is my IW Loke 7 years old. He still loves the show ring as you can see.
Coursing with Irish Wolfhound
Aiax the Irish Wolfhound is balancing on a fallen treetrunk.
Day old Irish Wolfhound puppies
Aidan, a ten year old Irish Wolfhound, goes swimming in the lake while his pals Miller and Jessie watch. Taken in Sligo, Ireland. Aidan is from Knocknarea Kennels, and was ten on March 19th.
Finnegan is an Irish Wolfhound and was diagnosed with cancer in June 2006. This video is from about 5 months after his front left leg was amputated.
Our 6 month old IW during his early morning play
McD learns to fetch...that won't last long!
Megan playing with a puppy.
Warning!! this is a fight between a dog and bitch and the bitch won (No animals were hurt in the making of this film).
Post Grad dogs
Our babies are 5 weeks old now and outside for a short playtime.
Puppies are now 18 days, eyes open and taking their first steps
Great Dane Irish Wolfhound Saint Bernerd
Bribiba irish Wolfhound puppies at 11 days old.
More video of the puppies first day outside
DD helps the dogs finish off breakfast.. (Indi is barking because one of the girls are in season.)
Megan and McD. The other puppy has gone to her new home and has settled in very well.
Irish Wolfhounds
our wolfhounds getting out of bed
My Parrots DD and Meesha and Irish Wolfhounds Morgan and Megan playing together.
A sunny afternoon invites the Irish Wolfhounds for some guiet moments by the Serenity Stream behind their house. These elegant creatures are awesome in action and in repose.
Sophie, the almost 1 year old Yellow Lab Finigan the 1 year old Irish wolfhound. Snuffles the almost 2 year 8 month old Newfoundland
Our Two Irish wolfhounds and one German shepherd run around the backyard playing.
Tales of Friendship
tales while you are out
irish wolfhound flora (10 months) meeting a deer friend
Our wolfies and parrots getting out of bed
Wolfie the irish wolfhound eating her dinner, she is huge btw!
Sany playing with his friend Sadie, an Irish Wolfhound.
Irish Wolfhound puppies playing outside.
Bill Barnbrook and Santir Spirit of Scotland at Bribiba ...Morgan
Jerry meets Finnegan the three-legged Irish Wolfhound. After meeting online, these two three-legged super dogs get together for some fun in the rain near Erie, PA. Jerry was passing through on his cross-country full-time RVing adventure. Read all about it at and learn more about...
this is breeze, an irish wolfhound, the day before a front leg amputation. i never thought i would see her stomp at me again. i was wrong! there is "I will not be ignored, the sequel"
My Irish wolfhound and bulldog playing around
Here are our two wolfhounds looking in our toy train room.
Beautiful animals with a powerful stride and speed enjoying each other in playful runs and play fighting. This is Coleen, eight months, and Angelina who is almost three years old.
More Irish Wolfhound & Companion
Irish Wolfhound
Irish Wolfhound playing with kitten
Please visit my card museum by clicking the blue creamofcardstv link above and the link on the left-hand-side of my profile page. This video clip features the following set of cards: Ardath, Dog Studies ( Firm's Name Only, N.Z. ) XL , ...
My dog 8-) Thats all
Toby our eighteen month wolfhound tries to knock us down.
An Irish Wolfhound and a Basset Hound get jiggy.
This is a video/slideshow from your secret santa. I hope you enjoy it!
Rosie, who is a geriatric 9 year old Red/Wheateon I.W. "calls" and Coleen, 8 month old Wheaton I.W. gently and carefully responds to 'play fight'. Rosie is not steady enough on her feet to play for real. Their relationship is truly tender and the young one seems to be intuitive in the need to ...
We live a quite peaceful life with our hounds which also includes our 12 year old wolf named Ghost. She has raised several of our Irish Wolfhounds and as you will see is starting on the next generation of 6 week old puppys. Our 2nd litter in 6 years. Puppys are now 10 weeks old. Sorry about th...

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