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Video del Chow chow: Fotos de mi perro Lion King, Chow Chow

Este era mi consentido perro Lion King, el Chow Chow. Es el más lindo que he visto en toda mi vida. El murió hace algún tiempo. Siempre lo recordaremos con mucho amor. This is a video I made today for my chow chow. His name was the Lion King, but we called him King for short. My brother's friend couldn't keep his chow chows, so one day he came to our doorstep and dropped off two beautiful dogs. My husband and I were the only one who could walk him. He was really grouchy sometimes, but I still loved him. He looked like a lion and a teddy bear. This video is in memory of King. It's to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." It's my first movie I have ever edited. I just started using iMovie today, so don't be so harsh when you rate the video! WE LOVE YOU KING. YOU WILL FOREVER BE REMEMBERED. THIS IS OUR TRIBUTE TO YOU!

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